Greenhouses Industries
Fan for greenhouses

Gigola & Riccardi produces the best devices for cooling and humidification of greenhouses in order to provide its clients with solutions that can maximize productivity and profit of the growers.

The right climate conditions are able to affect plant growth in a positive way, avoiding the spread of fungi, algae or various deseases that may be caused by an excessive relative humidity. Our fans are the right solution to reduce the internal temperature, avoiding the case of overheating, that may stop plant  growth.

We provide a wide range of products for the greenhouse industry, with a wide range of versions, sizes and motor powers.

We also offer our customers (for orders of a certain minimum size) the possibility of customizing their goods with details and colours of their choice.

Our clients appreciate our support both in the pre-sales and in the post-sales activities, including logistics organization and spare parts delivery.

Our products are delivered worldwide and are considered the best choice since more than 30 years.


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